Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2007

Lesson of the day: Traffic

Okay, what did I learn so far?

Pray before you cross a street - it could be the last thing you ever did...
Well, a German guy told how the traffic system works: by weight. The first to go is the big truck, then a bus, a smaller truck, the regular car, motor cycles, bicycles and at the very end stands the common pedestrian. Do you think, just because you are standing in the direct way of a car - maybe because you have a green light and the cars crossing actually a red one - it has to stop? Or at least to slow down? HA HA HA! Not here... And if no car runs you over, the other pedestrians might do. For no reason, but just because you are walking or standing where they want to be, no matter how much space there is next to them. Just for no reason.

And I was out for dinner for the first time today...well...in a Brazilian restaurant...I am sure I will have enough opportunities left for Chinese food!