Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007

Ni hao !

It is hard to believe that it´s been more than a month now that I am back in Germany. Time has been very busy for me with exams and a lot of thing to do and to prepare for university. But everytime when I could steal away for some time, I was thinking about the great time I have had in California. It was just amazing ! But I am strongly convinced that this was not my last visit over there :)

By the way, if you wonder why I am suddenly blogging in English - well, some friends from California asked for my blog and therefore I decided to continue in English.

And there is a reason for me to continue or to restart writing here: I will soon - in about two months - leave to China! I will spend 3 months in Shanghai to work for SAP Labs and write my diploma thesis there. I am so excited! Although I think that I am relatively well prepared for it - I have been studying Chinese for the past two years, have read and studied a lot about the Chinese culture and have talked to many Chineses colleagues - I start feeling weird about it. Now that I have my tickets and everything is settled, doubts are coming up to my mind. Will I be able to handle it? The culture? Language? And most of It will be an adventure, but I really think that it will be an interesting time !