Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2007

First trip downtown

Hey guys,

I am still alive, still fighting my way...

Okay, here are some updates from my first tour to downtown Shanghai (sorry, just some quick infos, it´s late and I am terribly tired...):
  • found an original Munich Paulaner restaurant and they even sold "Glühwein", the typical German Christmas drink...but I do not think I will try that one here
  • in the city, you can buy everything luxurious as non - fakes as well, the same huge stores as averywhere
  • Chinese have more Christmas decoration and stuff than anybody else
  • saw some narrow, old streets with lots of tiny, cheeeeeeeaaaaaap stores with all kinds of stuff
  • learned that I should only take the green/blue taxis, the other ones give foreigners sightseeing tours through the whole city, even if you just want to go straight up the street
  • saw a real buddhist temple, impressive
  • visited the only real traditional area of the city, really beautiful
  • went to a nice tea house
  • saw a lot of Koi fishes
  • went to a Chinese garden, the Yu Yuan Garden, totally beautiful
  • had some traditional Chinese food - nothing extraordinary like dog, thank God, but delicious stuff
  • went to the bond and had a view on the famous area across the Huangpu River, but it was really rainy and did not look that nice
  • Visited People Square
  • my conclusion: interesting city and worth visiting, but I really do not have to have that so often, too many people and I have also seen some not-so-nice-to-see things, so I will definetely not go there every weekend, as long as I do not have any visitors and will show them
  • my laptop crisis still exists, but I will be able to rescue my data somehow, at least that...
  • due to my sleeping bag, I am no longer freezing at night
  • my personally happiest news are that at least three people will come and visit me as long as I am here so I will not be all alone the whole time, I am so much looking forward to that !!!

Alright, that must be enough for now...I will get some sleep now. Good nite.